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"Dear Sir, thank you for taking time this morning when i rang about my h202 order. I read with interest your site and am so happy for you that your little chap is so healthy. How fortunate he is to have such devoted parents and what a wonderful thing you are doing here raising money to help those children who haven't the resources to pay for their treatment.

You asked me to write a little about my experience of apple cider vinegar. I am 60 years old and in general good health apart from high blood pressure and a lifelong problem with stomach acidity which over the years had resulted in many hospital tests resulting in years of different pills which were doing me no good, the lst ones burning my stomach and making me feel worse. I had heard about ACV and its many healing properties and googled it, finding earth clinic. Ted from Bangkok suggested 2 tblesp ~ACV with 1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda 3 times a day - I have found that taking it just once in the evening on an empty stomach is enough to keep my acidity to a level where I no longer have problems. What a relief - I could hardly believe it. Then I realised that the swelling in my knuckles and painful knees I just associated with age had gone down considerably - you no longer hear me creaking before I actually appear in a room! The other benefit I noticed that my high BP which even with meds wasn't under control, has reduced dramatically and though I still take medication as its early days, I am hopeful to reduce it in the future. Im always hesitant to suggest natural remedies to people because they usually think you're bonkers but all I can say is that its worked for me and for a lot of others I have read about on the earth clinic site.

Best wishes

- Jaques Alston

"I started using natural apple cider vinegar for general health. I soon noticed that most of my grey hairs went back to their natural colour, which was an unexpected surprise. After a month or two I realised that the severe arthritis pain in my hips, knees and thumbs was gone.

The most remarkable difference I found since taking natural apple cider vinegar vinegar is in my hearing. I wore two hearing aids for years and had bad hearing and read lips for many years before that. My hearing aids are no longer needed and my hearing is now better than it was when I was a teenager.

Of course, there are different types of hearing loss and I don't know if every type would be helped with Cider Vinegar"
- Patti from lacetoleather

"the magical liquid changed my life completely. I suffered with sciatica, used to take the strongest pain killers permitted on prescription. Even so, I found sitting, standing or even lying down painful. After one month in hospital, I was given an epidural injection and was discharged with the following words from the NHS consultant ringing in my ears: 'I know every operation that can be done and I don't know one that I can recommend for you'.

I had read about Apple Cider Vinegar being used for people with Arthritis. I started taking a potion of Cider Vinegar, Honey and warm water and after two months I was completely pain free, playing tennis again."
- Geoff from Romansleigh

"Having read your article in 'Tastes Of Britain' on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for joint pain sufferers (Arthritis), I thought you would be interested to know of my own results after taking the Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey combination after only one week.

I have had back pain down into the groin and frequently down my thigh for two years, my doctor went in the direction of hip joints giving rise to referred pain elsewhere. I have had all the drugs he could give me to no effect, in frustration he asked our hospital pain relief clinic to try and help me, the first visit to them confirmed it was nerves trapped in my lower back after two spaced facet block injections with only 24hrs relief instead of 3 to 4 months normal.

I am now awaiting lower back nerve degradation, sometime in the new year from the NHS. All this time I am in pain, especially in the morning till about 11:00am. It was one week ago my wife read out your comments on Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey for joint pain.

I started on the Monday and did not expect it to work as my problem is with the nerve endings. The next morning I noticed less pain than normal. With day by day improvements I now find it easier to walk and as of the following Saturday I am only stiff in the morning but without the pain that I have got used to living with.


At this stage I am the best I have been in two years.

I feel that it is like taking a magic potion, WELL DONE"
- Don Cooper

"Please send me another twelve bottles of your wonderful Apple Cider Vinegar. Since taking it two or three times a day, I have never had an attack of gout. I thought I would be taking medication for the rest of my life but have not taken a prescribed tablet for over seven months.

I shared my vinegar with friends who have asked for your details as they are amazed how their pain has improved or gone. One lady told me 'Many people will pray for you" - thankyou so much."
- Patricia McDonagh

"This is just to let you know that the parcel of your Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey arrived safely this morning! As I only sent the letter and cheque on Friday I did not expect it until towards the end of the next week at least. However, I have taken a taste of the Vinegar and Honey and am sure they will do me good. Your prices are very reasonable. I look forward to reading through and trying recipes as well."
- Julia from Newcastle Upon Tyne

"Thank you for your info and prompt dispatch of my order. Have just had a warm drink and it's surprisingly very nice. Just the thing for a cold wet day. Hope it does me good as well!!"
- Patsy from East Sussex

"Sue believes that Cider Vinegar really helped her Irritable bowel Syndrome. She added 'I also noticed the pain I had been suffering from in my knee joints due to the rheumatism going.'"
- Sue From Barnstaple

"After trying the Apple Cider Vinegar for approx, five months, I believe that it is helping me. I have lost two stone in weight, whether this is a by-product of using the vinegar or not, I don't know, but it is a good thing."
- Inman from Halifax

"I have noticed a massive change in my skin condition already but will give it a bit longer before I can tell you about the full effects. I'm very excited about your product. Thank you again."
- Lisa from  Nottingham

"I have been using your Apple Cider Vinegar for 6 months now and seen a good result in my cholesterol levels. It was 6.9 and now 5.6, as well as losing 12lbs in weight, combined with a healthy diet."
- Margaret  from  Enfield

"My husband has found since taking the vinegar that he can move more freely his toes which had very rigid movement before. The vinegar is very good quality and it certainly does work."
- Aurora from Middlesex

"Your Cider Vinegar is fantastic."
- Erin from Glasgow

"Cider Vinegar is bringing an improvement in my husbands aches and pains."

- Sheila from North Yorkshire

"I must tell you that since you sent me your Cider Vinegar, I've had no further problem with the arthritis in my shoulder or right hand."
- Ray from Yelverton

The Telegraph - The Acid Test For Arthritis

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1 Litre Apple Cider Vinegar with 'Mother' (Glass Bottle)
Our Original Recipe Apple Cider Vinegar, passed down through 11 generations. Discounts available on Bulk Orders contact us for details.

1 Litre Apple Cider Vinegar with 'Mother' (Plastic Bottle)
Our Original Recipe Apple Cider Vinegar, passed down through 11 generations. Discounts available on Bulk Orders contact us for details.
Item number BHS-30209
Detailed view
9.50 GBP
Shipping Charges
 1.90 kg
Item number BHS-30100
Detailed view
6.95 GBP
Shipping Charges
 1.20 kg

1 Litre Vintage (1985) Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (Glass Bottle Only)
This vintage devonshire Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurized, and because of its age contains more mother than younger brands. Apple Cider Vinegar with mother has many benefits to us all due in large part to its potassium content. Please check our main apple cider vinegar page for more information on apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother - 5 Litres
Our quality Devonshire natural Apple Cider Vinegar. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and with the mother intact. Apple Cider Vinegar with mother has many benefits to us all due in large part to its potassium content.
Item number BHS-30216
Detailed view
11.50 GBP
Shipping Charges
 1.90 kg
Item number BHS-30230
Detailed view
27.50 GBP
Shipping Charges
 5.61 kg

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